My Skate World rebrand project consists of a redesigned logo, website, and social media campaign called "SK8 D8" where customers can bring a date or a friend to skate with them for free. I recognized the problem that almost all skating rink branding is not the best, and that most people between the ages of 16 and 25 don't go skating anymore. I believe that a brand refresh and campaign to raise awareness that roller skating is still fun will get a new target audience in the door and onto the skating floor.

I wanted to keep the same old-school retro style but modernize it to appeal to older audiences. The logo combines two wheel icons to create an "S" in the negative space. Rounded rectangle shapes are pulled out from the wheels to create a sense of motion. This same style is consistently used throughout the website, and I brought in dark shades of purple and blue to represent physically being in a dark neon skating rink. A touch of neon accents represents glow bracelets that can be purchased to wear on the skating floor.